Designer Baby Clothes

Having kids is the biggest joy! Non-stop need for care comes in the same pack. Even parent’s favorite shopping becomes a “must” instead of “want”. While visiting regular stores for kids’ clothes becomes uncomfortable and annoying, internet shopping offers a good option for young parents.

The market of online shops for kids is so huge, no one can figure out the best options on his own. We have a solution for the parents in search of trusted, checked, reliable shops!

Why We Created This Site?

Welcome to the site, which gives answers to the common parents’ questions!

  • Can I trust this or that site?
  • Luxury or mass market?
  • Is it worth paying that much money?
  • How to learn the size my kid needs?
  • Which brand to choose?
  • What clothes does my kid need?
  • Where to buy original designer clothes?

So many questions to be answered! We have created this site to support young parents and give them an opportunity to shop without doubts and losses. Reviews of the online shops allow our visitor evaluate online shops of kids clothes by a number of criteria and choose the one they prefer for a particular case.

The choice of products such as clothing for kids should be approached as responsibly as possible. Comfort and health of children depends on the choice of clothes. Choosing things for a daughter or son requires special attention and scrupulousness. This means – time and efforts! When parents need a hint about designer baby clothes, they visit our site.

Who We Are

We are three best friends: Melissa, Lisa and Alex. It all started when Melissa got her first daughter Emily.

“I have always been a shopaholic. Choosing beautiful outfits, combining clothes and shoes, finding the best deals on price and quality, following the latest trends from fashion houses and sales of the best brands are my passion. And it did not go anywhere with the birth of my daughter. But it transformed a little. Dressing her beautifully, given the importance of quality, has become my hobby”


The first purchases in the Internet brought a lot of disappointment. Sometimes instead of branded clothes, I got obvious fakes, the dimensional nets of different designers were very different, and returning clothes to the store became a challenge. That’s how the first lists of verified online shops of children’s clothing and those that did not live up to trust began to form.

“When I got my son Jake, Melissa already had two kids and Alex was waiting for her first. I immediately realized how valuable were Melissa’s advice. We gained shopping experience. So, we decided to create our blog, and later the site”


So, a simple hobby and routine activities have grown into our common business. We are constantly developing, updating, checking, upgrading our reviews and ratings of online shops. A huge auditorium of our customers replenishes the general database with their ratings and reviews, sharing their shopping experience.

“We take our activity very seriously and publish only verified information. We want to be sure that following our recommendations, our readers will be able to make only successful purchases”


How Designer Baby Clothes Shops Are Evaluated?

The work of all stores is evaluated by us personally and by our readers. Each store has a rating that is based on our experience and the rating of our users.

What do we evaluate?

  • organization of the store’s work (speed of order processing, customer support, working hours)
  • selection of goods (assortment, exclusivity of goods, originality, quality)
  • pricing policy (price comparison, availability and frequency of sales)
  • conditions for returning goods
  • individual characteristics

Our users are encouraged to share their experience of buying from online shops of kids clothes. These reviews are carefully studied. Sharing experience with each other, we support good businesses and caution against fraud purchases. Besides, you can find tons of useful information about kids and their health, advice on the choice of clothes and shoes and much more.  

What to Look for When Choosing Designer Clothes for Kids?

Choose children’s clothes that are sewn exclusively of high quality fabric and materials. If you buy from the brand for the first time, after you receive the order, pay attention to the lines and seams: they must be smooth, even, so they will not rub on the delicate skin of the child. Besides, do not forget to check the strength of buttons, fasteners in clothing, other accessories, as they may become an object of increased attention from restless kids. The task of parents is to check the reliability and safety of these elements.

There is a huge number of brands, designers and shops. Unique patterns and unusual cuts for some kids, and classic lines and casual simplicity for others. You can find online store of children’s clothes that offers only fashionable things that differ in an original, bright design. At the same time, the abundance of a variety of colors, styles will help you easily choose stylish sets of clothes not only for every day, but also for any special occasions. With the help of our service, you can make purchases without ever leaving your home. You can purchase any baby products through the order form directly on the websites. Ordering online is not only convenient, but also very profitable. Great offers await you, and in particular, the prices for the presented products are usually lower than the same at the regular store. Give your kids only the best. Have a nice shopping!